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Self Worth and Compassion

I prefer to work with many issues as I have found, throughout my career, that it is not always helpful to 'label' an issue and work in isolation with that. Many clients know that they just don't feel right, and wonder how it would be to be more contented. Feeling uncomfortable with oneself is so often at the core of many psychological problems. I have spent many years working with people on developing a more positive self worth and self compassion which gives people the confidence to utilise their own inner resources. I believe passionately that we all need to develop a more nurturing and forgiving relationship with our own self and I am writing my own self help workbook on this topic.

Life Transitions

Change arrives in our lives whether we like it or not. Sometimes this is a positive experience and sometimes it is a struggle. I have experience of helping others through divorce/separation, empty nesting, mid life change, cultural change. I will support you through the anguish and the questionning and help you find your way through the feelings of sadness, anger, overwhelming grief, anxiety, confusion until you feel you are back on track again and can see a way forward to creating the next chapter of your life.

Experiential Psychotherapy

Wherever appropriate, I encourage clients to try different breathing techniques and methods of relaxation and to go further into their awareness of the signals that their bodies are giving them. Our brains send us signals and over the years we learn to ignore them, when in reality it is more helpful for us to notice these signals, learn what they mean and act in a way that is healthy for us. This can be particularly helpful when there has been a history of trauma.


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