Katey Moody Psychotherapy, Devon PA

I am an affiliate of the Womens Resource Center in Wayne, where I facilitate their Divorce Support Groups.  Check out their website as they provide a number of invaluable services for women. www.womensresourcecenter.org.


The Main Line School Night is a non profit organization which offers a variety of low cost classes.  I teach insightful and thought provoking classes there on a regular basis.  www.mainlineschoolnight.org.


I enjoy speaking to teens and young adults and recently presented to Conestoga High School psychology students on the topic of 'What is Psychotherapy", Villanova University Football Team on "How to Maximize Self Motivation" and I also presented to Penn State Brandywine students on Gestalt Psychotherapy. 



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I am currently working in Devon PA19333.

Phone: 484 802 4833

E-mail: Katey.moody@gmail.com

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