Taking the first step into psychotherapy can be a daunting one. Therefore, it is important you choose a professional with whom you feel comfortable. Whatever the skills, knowledge and experience of a psychotherapist you will reap the most benefit when you feel sufficiently comfortable to explore whatever is important for you at this point in your life. Above all you need to feel safe and trusting.

So here we are entering the depths of winter, why try psychotherapy?

In childhood, we adapt to our environment and develop ways of being and thinking that seem the best for us in the situations that we find ourselves in. These coping strategies become embedded in us and we continue to use them as adults, with mixed success. Psychological problems can arise, if our sense of who we are was not allowed room to grow and develop in a nurturing and loving way. These ways of coping -learnt in childhood- may have become negative and unhealthy for us in our adult lives. We can feel stuck, recognizing that we are recreating situations and relationships that in some way replicate our difficult past. We know we need to make changes and let go of those old damaging behaviors in order to heal and grow. Psychotherapy can help you to learn about yourself, become more aware of your patterns and a trusted psychotherapist can support you whilst you make any necessary changes to those old unhealthy ways of being and communicating.

I became certified in England as a psychotherapist after a number of years working in Human Resources. My psychotherapy practice is in Devon on the Main Line in Pennsylvania and I have lived in the area for 14 years. I also teach at Main Line School Night in Radnor and facilitate divorce support groups at the Women's Resource Center in Wayne.

Please take your time to read what I have written here.  I am passionate about my work and my wish is for you to find yourself the best therapist for you.  Please feel able to phone or email me with all your questions as I want for you to have a clear feel for how it might be for us to work together.  I look forward to having the opportunity to help you on your journey to finding emotional well being.


Katey Moody


484 802 4833



Old Lancaster Road, Devon PA 19333

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I am currently working in Devon PA19333.

Phone: 484 802 4833

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